7 Days Secret 4D Collagen Cream

R380.00 Inc VAT 50ml

[ Free Foam Cleanser 30g – 1ea / Order ]

[ Brightening & Anti-Wrinkle ]


7 Days Secret –

1 day, day and night, twice a day, with constant skin care for 7 days will start to show the difference.

In 4 weeks, you can feel your skin has improved.


< Enhance skin elasticity with low-molecular plant origin collagen that is absorbed quickly >
  • Firmimg
  • Calming
  • Brightening
  • Wrinkle Care
  • Elasticity

It is an Intensive Elasticity Enhancement Cream that gets gently absorbed by sagging, lifeless skin, and makes the skin healthy and taut. Ceramide and Trehalose provide abundant nutrition to the skin, making the skin clear and taut.

Key Ingredients : Collagen, Ceramide, Trehalose

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30ml, 150ml


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