7 Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam

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R200.00 Inc VAT 150ml

Sensitive Skin Care




  1. Contains Centella extract

Mild foam with excellent cleaning power removes waste from the pores and contained Centella extract soothes sensitive skin and moisturize. In addition, it has excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, which can be used on all skin, including acne skin, sensitive skin, and sensitive skin.

  1. Contains sodium hyaluronate

“Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing and skin-conditioning agent that contains 1,000 times more moisture than its own weight to fill moisture between skin and make it firm.“

  1. Contains natural organic extract

Quince extract is effective for skin texture conditioning and whitening, and tea tree extract and green tea extract are effective for skin soothing and conditioning. Mother chrysanthemums extract soothes the skin and prevents skin aging and is excellent for improving wrinkles.


1 review for 7 Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam

  1. Lathasha

    The Centella cleansing really helped my skin when I had breakout. Within a week of usage I saw that difference in reducing spots and scars

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