7 Days Secret Centella Cica Sleeping Pack

R200.00 Inc VAT 5g x 12ea

  • Calming
  • Moisturizing
  • Skin Purification
  • Elasticity


A soft cica sleeping pack intensively cares and soothes the exhausted and irritated skin during the night and maintains the oil-water balance. It also soothes the troubled skin and helps maintain hydration.
1. Contain Centella Asiatica(1000PPM)

Helps to sooth damaged and sensitive skin, soothes and moisturizes problematic skin softly.

2. Sunflower oil

Contains vitamins A and E, which are excellently absorbing and prevent aging by adjusting to water-oil balance of dry skin.

3. Night care

Cares tired and irritated skin at night time, adjusting to water-oil balance of skin and make skin texture smooth and elastic

4. Design & Usability

Simple and hygienic triangular pouch packaging method is applied for easy storage by minimizing product deformation


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