Beauty of Joseon, Matte Sun Stick : Mugwort + Camilia

R350.00 Inc VAT 18g


Matte Sun Stick was developed with Ramón @glowbyramon, an influencer and cosmetic chemist, as the director. It was created after an extensive collaboration by meticulously going through all the processes that fall under BOJ’s brand philosophy of Modern Hanbang skin care

– Non-greasy matte sun stick
It is a matte sun stick without any of the oily or sticky feelings. It is hygienic as you don’t need to apply it with your hands, and it is compact, enabling convenient use anytime, anywhere
– Porous sebum-control silica powder
Sebum-control silica powder regulates sebum on the skin, giving a smooth and soft-rolling feeling without greasiness

[ Key Ingredients ]

Artemisia Capillaris


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