Charmzone, Daily Sheet Mask

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Aloe Vera Moisture Mask 
 Moisturizing & Calming
Pomegranate Brightening Mask
Brightening & Revitalizing
Ginkgo Soothing Mask
Soothing & Refreshing
Blueberry Firming Mask
Firming & Glowing
Hyaluron Hydrating Mask
Moisturizing & Skin Flexibility
How To Use
1. After washing your face, cleanse your skin with toner, and put the mask on your face.
2. Take off the mask after a 15-20 minute break.
3. Tap the remaining essence to absorb it.
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Aloe Vera (1sheet), Aloe Vera (10sheet), Hyaluron (1sheet), Hyaluron (10sheet), Blueberry (1sheet), Blueberry (10sheet), Pomegranate (1sheet), Pomegranate (10sheet), Ginkgo (1sheet), Ginkgo (10sheet)


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