Collagen Voluming Serum

R300.00 Inc VAT 40ml


– BRIGHTEN & EVEN SKIN TONE – This Essence/Serum will not only nurture your skin but lighten your skin tone. One of our main ingredient Bearberry extract used as an astringent to fade acne marks or skin discoloration which may be caused by sun damage or hormonal conditions. It also contains the active agent, arbutin, which naturally brighten skin tone. You will find glowy and plumpy look on your skin soon!
– DAILY ANTI-WRINKLING TREATMENT – Composed of concentrated marine collagen and botanical extracts, it shows significant improvement in skin firmness.
– LONG-LASTING NOURISHMENT – Contains a rich blend of marine collagen 9800mg and botanical extracts including bearberry, Saussurea, and Hordeum vulgare.
– POWERFUL MARINE COLLAGEN EXTRACT – Marine Collagen extracted from clean water fish deeply penetrates your skin to increase elasticity and form a protective barrier on the skin.
– 5 ESSENTIAL SKINCARE ROUTINE – We suggest you follow our proprietary 5 step skin care routine called ?Collagen Voluming Line.? It consists of toner, Essence/Serum, moisturizer, cream, and best selling eye cream!


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