Collagen Voluming Toner

R250.00 Inc VAT 50ml

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– DAILY ANTI-WRINKLING TONER – This Collagen Voluming Toner works as a wrinkle reducer facial toner that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, deep lines, and blemish.
– LONG-LASTING MOISTURIZING – A toner rich in collagen delivers a mild, gel-textured formula that improves skin’s elasticity and calms your sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and penetrates deep into your skin cell to retain the right amount of moisture you need. Your skin will look super moisture-rich!
– MORE EVEN-TONED SKIN – This toner will not only remove dirt but also balance pH balance and prep your skin after cleansing it.
– POWERFUL MARINE COLLAGEN EXTRACT – Marine Collagen extracted from clean water fish deeply penetrates your skin to increase elasticity and form a protective barrier on the skin.
– 5 ESSENTIAL SKINCARE ROUTINE – We suggest you follow our proprietary 5 step skin care routine called ?Collagen Voluming Line.? It consists of toner, Essence/Serum, moisturizer, cream, and best selling eye cream!


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