Crystal Lovely Eyes (Tonymoly)

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  • TONYMOLY Crystal Lovely Eyes is a special makeup item that completes an innocent, youthful appearance.
  • Combination of eye liner and eye shadow.


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  • The perfect combination of Eye Shadow and Liner with built-in applicator for a smooth and seamless look.
  • Comes in creamy pearl shades that glide on for a subtle, shimmery finish.
  • Upgrade for trendy color with gorgeous pearl.
  • Upgrade for lovely eye make up color.

#1 White Beam,  #2 Gold Beam,  #3 Pink Beam,  #5 Brown Beam,  #7 Purple Beam 

How To Use
1. For those with wide-set eyes – Draw the letter “L” from the front to the underline for a wider eye look.
2. For those with narrow set eyes – Draw a line in the middle of your underline for a larger eyes.
3. For those who want clear eyes – Draw a line from the start to the end of your eyeline for more distinct look and larger pupils.

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#1 White Beam, #2 Gold Beam, #3 Pink Beam, #5 Brown Beam, #7 Purple Beam


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