Dr. Frog Aquaporin Injection Ampoule

R420.00 Inc VAT 30ml

Intensive Moisturizing Care to make moisturized and relaxed skin.


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Moisture Brightening Ampoule

Highly enriched moisture ingredient open the waterway inside the skin to have bright and clear skin

ㆍAquaporin active moisture to open the waterway inside the skin to keep it more
and longer
ㆍSkin brightening vitality care ampoule
ㆍIntense Moisture Care : 7 layer hyaluronic acid, originated from Selaginella
lepidophylla – aquaporin active ingredient (Glyceryl Glucoside) etc highly moisturized
care ingredients

[Safe Formula & Container] ㆍNatural originated EWG Green grade
ㆍRanked excellent in Germany Derma test, low-irritation test completed


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