Hibutan Agar Collagen X5 Rich Balm Cream

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R550.00 Inc VAT 50 ml


Dual functional cosmetics with wrinkle improvement and brightening. [ANTI-WRINKLE, WHITENING CARE]

1. Intensive provision of collagen
2. Ceramide and peptide components enhance skin resilience and make skin resilient and smooth.

Contains marine collagen and creates a nutrition link inside skin.
The agar component, with high moisture-containing ability, quickly soothes irritated skin.
Contains hyaluronic acid which make skin full of moisture.

1 review for Hibutan Agar Collagen X5 Rich Balm Cream

  1. kaylamichelle.jacobs

    Works very well on wrinkles and frown lines, can see results after a week’s use.

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