New Control Cream (200+50g)

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R360.00 Inc VAT 250g

Control Cream with added essence function – Charmozone`s hit product with massaging and moisturizing in one. Give your skin the health and resilience it needs!

(200g + 50g)


“New Control Cream” has the same function with “Control Cream – Self Massge”.

  • New Control Cream has more volume. 200g + 50g


The basic care before basic care – Control Cream Has your skin remained unchanged despite all the basic care you gave it? The problem lies at the very bottom!
Experience a healthy change in your basic care with Control Cream. It will keep you feeling hydrated and bright, like you are at the spa everyday.
The all-new bestselling Control Cream attested for by 20 million users. (from 2014~)

1. Massage
2. Skin Moisture & Oil Balance
3. Low-Irritation Dead Skin Removal
4. Pore Cleansing

In addition to regular size (200g), a portable size (50g) is included as a gift for convenient use while travelling.



1 review for New Control Cream (200+50g)

  1. Shivaal Maharaj

    This product is amazing for smoothing the skin and dealing with pigmentation and uneven skintone. It is very gentle and extremely hydrating and assisted with my eczema and dry patches.

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