Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

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While you’re dreaming away, Panda’s Dream sleeping mask works hard to brighten up your skin tone, so you can wake up to healthy and luminous skin! Visibly smoother and softer skin is just a good-night’s rest away with our lightweight, brightening mask.

This lightweight yet hydrating formula easily absorbs to infuse your skin with Lavender, Rosemary, Bamboo Shoot Extract, and Berry Extracts to brighten dark spots and help even out your skin tone.

  1. Apply as the last step of your night time skincare regimen.
  2. Spread evenly all over the face and neck.
  3. Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning.

1 review for Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

  1. charlie

    Honestly, this is a product you must have. The product itself has a kind of cloudy gel consistency, it’s nice and spreads out evenly, and a little actually goes longer than one might think!
    I’ve been using this every night the last three weeks, and I’m about 1/3 down in the pot of bamboo goodness!

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