Pearl Micro-Bubble Cleansing Foam

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Recommend for dry or sensitive skin and who likes silky feeling.

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1.Micro Foam
Rich micro bubbles remove the cause of skin troubles such as pollution, sebum, sweat, etc. on the skin. Vegetable extracts help maintain moisture after wash.

2.Pearl Extract
Pearl contains Amino acids, combined with micro bubbles remove wastes inside skin pores and activate the skin to present smooth and moist skin after wash.

3.Patent Ingredient -Venuceane
Thermusthemophilusenzymes survive in California deep sea black smoker environment. It helps protect the inner and outer skin from harmful exterior environment and skin barrier from the damage.

4. Hydrogen Water                                                                                            Contains Hydrogen Water as it has the smallest molecular size which makes it easier to penetrate into the skin and has powerful anti-oxidation effect and has similar pH value with human body to reduce irritation.

5. Nature Oriented 7 COMPLEX
Contains Pearl extract, Grapefruit extract, PortulacaOleraceaextract, Lotus extract, Sunflower seed extract, Hederahelix extract, Thermusthemophilusculture help present soft and smooth cleansing.

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