SKINRx Lab, MadeCera Cream

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  • REJUVENATING AND ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : MadeCera’s moisturizing cream is enriched with numerous hydrating and moisturizing nutrients like fermented ceramide complex, centella asiatica and madecassoside for calming & replenishing sensitive and dehydrated skin.


  • ONE-STOP CARE FOR 9 SKIN TROUBLES : MadeCera presents you with a one-of-a-kind facial moisturizer that helps with dry, blemish, fine wrinkle, loose, sensitive, dull, dead skin. Our day and night face cream also helps with reducing pores and acne to give you smooth textured skin.


  • HYDRATES AND MOISTURIZES SKIN : This face moisturizer dry skin with ceramide hydrates skin by creating a moisture barrier and preventing water loss. This two-week solution cream makes skin healthy and smooth by reinforcing the skin barrier and preventing skin from getting dry.


  • IMPROVED ELASTICITY : This anti-aging face cream offers you skin-smoothing moisture while skin radiance & wrinkle improving functional ingredients provides your skin with bright. It helps to minimize wrinkles and fine lines to give you elastic and younger-looking skin.


  • HOW TO USE : After using toner or serum, take an adequate amount of MadeCera Cream on your palm then, gently apply it onto the face and neck. Lightly pat for skin absorption. Apply this wrinkle cream twice a day for magical effects!



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