Soleheim, Scalp Care Shampoo & Tonic

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Hair Loss Care

Shampoo : 300ml

Essence Tonic : 150ml

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It is a shampoo and essence tonic that can be expected to relieve hair loss and hair growth.

Pine bark extracts contain catechin, epicatechin, taxifoline, procyanidins, and phenolic acids, which are known to be important components of antioxidation.

Pine bark extract is a powerful antioxidant that doubles the intracellular synthesis of antioxidant enzymes and prevents oxidative stress, and is known to have a higher antioxidant effect than vitamin C and vitamin E.

The Solheim series, made of pine bark extract as the main ingredient, enhances the capillaries of the scalp to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the papilla, thereby alleviating hair loss and enhancing the effect of hair extinction.

In particular, coastal pine in clean waters of Gangwon-do Province is a strong and effective natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that contains a large amount of flavonoid-based pycnogenol, which has 50 times more anti-oxidation than vitamin E and 20 times more than vitamin C.

Solheim is made by fermenting pine bark with beer yeast. When pine bark goes through the fermentation process, it is a vegetable protein rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, purifying the scalp by nourishing the scalp and softening old dead skin cells, and increasing the absorption rate of active ingredients.

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SOLEHEIM Scalp Care Shampoo (300ml)

—> Wet hair and scalp sufficiently with lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount of shampoo, bubble the scalp, massage it evenly, wait for more than three minutes, and wash it clean.

SOLEHEIM Scalp Care Essence Tonic (150ml)

—> After shaking the product enough, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the scalp every day and rub it so that it can be absorbed sufficiently by massage using your fingers.

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Shampoo (300ml), Essence Tonic (150ml), Shampoo (300ml)+ Tonic (150ml)


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